TDM plus

We are convinced that clients’ problem can be turned into a specific and accomplishable task with clearly defined due dates and expected results. We don’t provide services and consultations – we solve problems using all legislation capabilities and following the client interests.




  • Legitimacy

    We use in our activities exclusively those legal remedies, which are lawful and don’t contradict the law.

  • Client interests

    We in all our actions and decisions focus exclusively on the interests of our client and implement only those decisions, which comply with us to the fullest extent possible.

  • Efficiency

    The practice of perpetual contract conclusion with indefinite expectations is alien to us. We always state a final result, specify terms of its achievement, and foremost we make a remuneration issue conditional upon the achieved goals of client.

  • Confidentiality

    We keep confidentiality and respect the client’s privacy right.

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  • Данияр Торобаев
    Daniiar Torobaev Director
  • Урмат Абакиров
    Urmat Abakirov Partner