Core services

  • Registration, re-registration of all forms of commercial and non-commercial legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Transformation of legal persons into joint-stock companies;
  • Development of foundation and corporate documents on any legal persons on the basis of best practice;
  • Development and review of all kinds of agreements;
  • Legal support of all kinds of transactions: due diligence of contracting parties’ legal capacity and authorities, participation in negotiations on behalf of the client, notarial certification of agreer, state registration of transactions (if necessary);
  • Legal support of all kinds of transactions between shareholders;
  • Performance of all forms of re-organization of legal persons (affiliation, merger, de-merger, separation, reconstruction), M&A transactions;
  • Performing a process for legal person liquidation;
  • Protection of legal persons interests by representation in judicial and other bodies in all categories of cases (corporate disputes between shareholders, disputes between shareholder and legal person, disputes between legal persons, disputes between legal person and state bodies);
  • Protection of individuals interests representation in judicial and other bodies in all categories of cases (disputes on civil, family, inheritance, housing, labor, administrative and other cases);
  • Protection of client interests in criminal cases during investigation and in the court;
  • Due diligence upon clients’ request;
  • Oral and written consultation on all legal matters of the client.
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